Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 1st March 2019

Webdesign Berlin in 2024

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Webdesign Agency from Berlin

Web design encompasses the design and programming of a website. The production follows the needs of the individual content featured in the project.

In the last couple of years there have been many technical changes and the development of a website has become much more complex and specific. The changes in data protection alone and the legal compliance with various new regulations demand significantly more expert knowledge.

The foundation and basis of a well programmed website is the development of the front-end, this refers to the areas of a website that are viewable for the end user in a web browser (e.g. with a Firefox- or Safaribrowser). Those are built with the programming languages HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The better a website is programmed, the higher it will be ranked on Google (ranking). An important aspect is that Google will not excuse any mistakes und permanently evaluates and saves your changes. Each change of the website will have a delaying impact on your search result position. It is delayed so Google can prevent manipulation and testing. Ultimately you are depended on Google if you seriously want to provide products or services on the internet.

A good ranking can not be achieved with finished products or solutions (e.g. from 1&1 Ionos or Strato). Often massive additional work is necessary in adjusting and removing unnecessary modules that slow down the performance of a new website. The actual reason for your new website should be a clear “visibility” on Google’s first result page, so you can generate new customers.
For questions regarding web servers we are at your disposal and also offer project based relocation to professional server providers such as Hetzner including transfer of your email and data structure.

UI and UX in web design

The surface of a website is called the interface, hence UI stands for “User Interface” and UX for “User eXperience”. “User experience” is the type of behavior, emotion and practical usage of the man-machine interaction, such as:
  • stability and quality
    of your website
  • information structure and usefulness
  • user friendliness and ergonomics
  • interaction design through buttons and active areas
  • web design (layout) and expressiveness or rather persuasiveness of your website
Depending on the scope and demands of your website, a UI/UX concept will be created after the completion of a focus group analysis. This will be done in consideration of current trends, since user behavior changes nearly every year.

Clean concepts and a forward looking plan in the web design of your new website.

The basis for your new website will be the concept, meaning the definition of your goals and a detailed analysis of your target audiences. Who are your employees and what content do they provide? What content do I, the customer, offer for the website concept and how is the quality of my material?

In the preliminary talk the received material will be screened, all important work areas identified and the project will be planned in stages. Through this you can strictly control the timing, scope and budget of each project step.

The quality of a website is strongly depended on it’s content, consisting of text, illustrations, videos and photographs.
If required, we offer, apart from design and illustration also logo design, meaning we will rework within the scope of the project your company logo or design it new in consultation with you. Furthermore we can offer specialised personnel in the area of print products from our network.

Why we use Wordpress and why it is so often used in web design?

33% of all internet pages world-wide are run through WordPress according to W3Techs. The amount of downloads of the current Wordpress version offers a rough glimpse into the amount of Wordpress usage.
Wordpress is currently the best and most used (open-source) CMS solution, that can be easily and comfortably maintained by end customers!
Background: around the year 2000 Wordpress was still sort of cumbersome in it’s usage. Other system such as Typo3 or Joomla offered partial solutions. But ten years later the market has clearly sorted itself out. Every customer who has ever used Typo3 or Joomla for their website will know that upgrades, adjustments and maintenance costs are much higher on other systems then they are on Wordpress.

Nowadays it takes less than an hour briefing of the Wordpress maintenance area and our customers can get along on their own. Furthermore we use “premium plug-ins” which make Wordpress even more comfortable. Many things can be handled by a simple drag-and-drop and our customers are consistently very satisfied!

With deployment of each new website we ship a basic instructions guide, which you can consult at all times and which will also helps third parties (such as new employees) to get to work quickly.

Foreign languages are no problem with Wordpress

We exclusively use the premium plug-in WPML, which is easy for you to use and can display over 40 languages (e.g. japanese and chinese).

This plug-in is exceptionally well programmed, runs on over 700.000 websites world-wide and gets constantly supported by an active team of about 100 developers. WPML also has a modules that allow larger editorial staffs to work simultaneously and journalised. Those are used for example at professional news agencies.

Do you need a reliable translator or a specialized translator for your new website?

Just ask us! We have in our network reliable specialist translators available, which are e.g. specialized in technical or legal texts. We will place those on a project base, so you will always have a direct contact for your localised texts.

The choice of the right server – Webdesign Berlin recommends Hetzner

There are many discussions, hints and analyses regarding optimization for wordpress. These differ depending on the causes and goals of your website and content.

An extensive online-shop needs more memory (RAM) and a difference CPU than a well designed landing page or an information website. Basically the performance of your new website comports to the following principal: The more performance a web server offers, the quicker it can be executed.

The following factors are important in your choice:
  • processor/CPU
  • disc space for your data and the type of hard drive, like e.g. SSD hard drives, those can be up to 20 times faster than regular hard drives and the question “are those also usable for mail and database services?”
  • memory of the web server (RAM e.g. >256MB)
  • server location and accessibility, based on your target demographic and their proximity to the internet nodes in Frankfurt
  • Can your data, according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, be processed and saved on US servers?
For these aspects a technical concept is of the utmost importance, questions like: “who do I want to reach?” and “what type of content do I offer?” or “which data is processed and what is the protection level of the data?”.

We have been looking after customer for over 15 years, with target audiences in countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and even China (with more than 700 million active internet users) and we will verify your request. We offer solutions using global „Content Delivery Networks“ (CDN) or Cloud-service providers with very fast, data protection compliant techniques!

Contact us!

For questions regarding other topics such as barrier-free websites – according to current BITV/WCAG norms including “Leichte Sprache” or transliteration – as well as for more complex issues such as search engine optimisation (SEO, Local SEO, Onsite and Offsite) we are always at your disposal.

Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
Michael Kuphal and his team develop customized websites and consult in the areas of server solutions, security, barrier-free web design, ranking optimization and DSGVO modifications. In the network further specialists are available among other things for editorial photography, print productions, VR, 3D, APP-, Game development and Socialmedia companies, which can be used project-oriented.