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Wordpress Webdesign from Berlin

We offer clean conception and a complete implementation as well as benefits like service, wordpress maintenance and all services around webdesign. At the moment we can only offer arrangements via video conferencing, as Corona is not allowed to hold meetings on site. Just ask us and we will help you or make you a free offer for your new website or Wordpress programming. In Berlin we are always available as a reliable service provider with our team. Just ask us about server configuration or expansion of your existing website. It always depends on the concept. The production is structured in phases. Here we plan design phases and again and again consultations with the customer. This is also done later during programming so that our realisation always remains transparent. The customer is in the foreground here and that he can also operate his website independently.

Focusing on what is most important

We are a small, skilled team led by Michael Kuphal, who offer the design, illustration and programming of high-quality websites. We are also happy to give advice on media strategy questions, covering all relevant fields: on- and offline, BITV, social media and Google ranking!

The basis: a clear concept, taking our time with its design, using the newest technologies and frameworks as well as offering proto typing, testing and quality assurance. In addition, you can rely on us to choose the right server and cloud service for excellent performance.

With a high affinity for the music, culture and creative industries, we are happy to work with record labels, music technicians, artists and individualists who appreciate high quality websites.

Webdesigner from Berlin

„Simplicity isn't just a visual style. It's not just minimalism or the absence of clutter. It involves digging through the depth of the complexity.“

Jonathan Ive

Logo Design Berlin


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Webdesign agency from Berlin


Webdesign for Startup's and Founders

25th March 2021

Why we love working with startups

Production of the website for pianist Nikolay Lugansky

2nd July 2019

About the production and conception of the international musicians website and the technology setup

Logodesign Berlin Agency from Berlin

20th May 2019

We offer you creation of logos, that are unique and timeless. Company logo design - what are the important first steps?

Logodesign Berlin


Webdesign Expert Berlin


  • Planning of individual server solutions for web hosting services with maximum performance (Cloudservices) and international CDN providers.
  • Specialised on localisation – programming of multi language websites and placement of specialist translators.
  • Domain name analysis, research – geographic, ccTLDs, new TLDs and SEO onpage search engine optimisation with rank profiling.
  • Implementation of barrier-free websites according to current BITV/WCAG standards, consideration of "simple language", video players with subtitles or transcription, quality assurance via barrier check and BITV tests.
  • Security guidance for authentication, passwords and data encryption (TSL, AES, RSA) as well as safeguarding of your website, backups, maintenance and server monitoring.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) modifications of your website, analysis of the existing backend-modules in coordination with your lawyer or data protection officer (DPO). If required, we can establish contact with a data protection officer or a specialist lawyer for media law.
  • Optional we can provide project oriented procurements of specialist in the fields of editorial photography, specialized programming, 360°- and Virtual Reality (Head-Mounted), 3D, app- und Game-development (Unity), social media services and plug-in development, video or print from our developer network.

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