Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 10th March 2020

Wordpress programming Berlin in 2024

Reading time: approx. 7 MIN

The advantages of Wordpress

As a toolkit Wordpress is endlessly expandable and works with almost all web hosting providers offering the script language PHP and MySQL. It is at the moment the most used CMS with over 50.000 plugins that are available directly from the developer.

Especially in customer applications Wordpress is easy to learn because of a simple and intuitive user interface and our customers are consistently positively enthused.

Customers can, within a few minutes, create sub section of their website and administer content in a preview. These can be for example agreed upon with co-workers and after approval be put live on the website.

Open source as the best solution. Third party developers and freelancers can be deployed on short notice, because of the open source, without them have to be specially trained.

Wordpress is fully scalable in web design and maintenance

The maintenance of Wordpress is fully scalable and allows extensive projects with high security standards. Here is, as with any CMS, the web server and performance crucial. The larger your project, the more high-performing we plan your technical infrastructure.

Including “Content Delivery Network” (CDN) providers, with even shorter load times, since your website content will be streamed via international networks. The CDN provider chooses the shortest way to your access point. Your website will load much fast because of this.

Variety in choosing plugins for your web design

Because of the huge Wordpress community there are versatile plugins available, which can be used for almost every purpose. Technically this cuts down on development time and you as a customer need to invest less in the production.

We as a Wordpress agency and programmers adjust the needed plugins for your website and treat the graphic front-end.

Exclusivity through matched design with your own Wordpress theme from your Wordpress agency!

We on principal "do not" work with finished themes from third parties, since these are often sluggish and overloaded. For that reason we use our own basic theme, which is highly optimized.

The design will be created individually from the concept. Furthermore we use premium plugins that are build on a clean codebase and offers a high usability in the maintenance area. By this we minimize the risk of your website being hacked. Furthermore we secure your website by "hardening" the web server.

Wordpress offers high scalability up to a usage as a Wordpress online shop

Through the usage of plugins it is even possible to use complex e-commerce functions and develop multi-language online shops. Here we make use of the WooCommerce online shop.

These extensions use DSGVO norms with all necessary guidelines that are required to run a German online shop. Connections to all established payment services, like credit cards or online payment (PayPal) are fully available and are getting updated constantly. In the back-end you are offered a complex tool to analyze access, sales and actions.

Multi-language Wordpress is not a Problem

Profit from a multi-language website and extent your reach!

For multi-language Wordpress websites we use the premium plugin WPML, since Wordpress does not offer multiple language support from the get go.

WPML is the most used plugin dealing with multi-language support. The advantages are WPML offering besides regular languages also the support for Asian and RTL (Right to Left) languages, such as Arabic.

Please consider which of your coworkers maintains the website. In the concept of a wordpress site it is determent before the programming process which language is defined in the password protected maintenance area.

If your coworker are working from different countries it is advisable to set the maintenance area to English.

Do you need a reliable translator or specialist translator?

If you need contact to a reliable translator or specialist translator, we can offer those project based. Just ask us.

Wordpress backups and checking of plugins before upload

Wordpress websites need to be maintained in regular intervals (see Wordpress maintenance service). This concerns the Wordpress core as well as the Wordpress plugins. Here we check the updated plugins on a preview system before upload (staging of the database on the server)

Only after a successful check do we upload the updates to the live server.


Apart from the monthly interval maintenance we offer a specific maintenance service for serious security flaws. This service goes into effect directly after the publication on a urgent plugin or core security failure and which will be solved via a secure update or direct hot fix. This differentiates us from other providers, since we analyze the problem and guarantee the reliable operation of your website.

Specific Wordpress hardening form your Wordpress Agency

As a standard security we harden your Wordpress website from unauthorized access, manipulation of your file structure and Brute-Force Attack among others through two-factor-authentication (2FA) and complex log-files to analyze attempted attacks to your site.

Apart from the standard security we regularly make automated backups of your website. Those are being made at night while the traffic is low and are used in emergency if the system needs to be recovered.

Server monitoring as additional service at Webdesign Berlin

Furthermore, if requested, we supervise the availability of your website, meaning in case an error at your web space or a hardware error at the root server occurs that makes your website unavailable.

Depending on the type of error we contact your website provider and promptly inform you on the status of error recovery. This is especially important with news sites and online shops (e-commerce), since a website outage can effect third party service, such as website rankings.

Wordpress programming from Berlin by your Wordpress agency.

Wordpress programming from Berlin. Your Wordpress Agency on site!

If you are interested in a very good programmed website based on Wordpress, we can offer you - depending on the requirements of the concept - a customized solution for your project. This modular, so that they can complete their new website themselves and fill it with content, as well as successfully generate new customers for your company!

Contact us!

For questions regarding other topics such as barrier-free websites – according to current BITV/WCAG norms including “Leichte Sprache” or transliteration – as well as for more complex issues such as search engine optimisation (SEO, Local SEO, Onsite and Offsite) we are always at your disposal.

Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
Michael Kuphal and his team develop customized websites and consult in the areas of server solutions, security, barrier-free web design, ranking optimization and DSGVO modifications. In the network further specialists are available among other things for editorial photography, print productions, VR, 3D, APP-, Game development and Socialmedia companies, which can be used project-oriented.